You will be able to receive your participation package at the Registration Offices of the Event on the eve of the race, from 10am until 6pm at Davaki Square.

To receive the material, the runner must have the email he/she received from the Organisation with his or her bib number and his/her identity card.

In case you cannot personally receive your participation package, your representative can do so, producing the email with the bib number (either printed or in electronic form) and a photocopy of the runner’s identity card.

Attention! In case a runner has not received an email from the Organisation with their bib number and they cannot find their name at the start line lists of this website, then they must come to the registration offices at Davaki Square to receive their bib number. They will need to produce their identity card and the bank receipt they were given with the deposit of the fee.

At the registration offices, at Davaki Square, our sponsor Health and Step will provide foot pressure analysis free of charge to all the participants in the race. The analysis will be carried out once the runner produces their bib number which is included in the participation package provided.